The ” DUKE” Controller is back!

If you had the original XBox you may have heard of the “Duke” Controller, Microsoft’s first controller for its first game console. Some loved it. Most hated it.

Whatever side you are on its no secret that you where surprised, as I was, when back in June CNET broke the news that it will be getting a “Remake” of sorts. The New controller, priced at $70 and is looking to launch this spring, looks just like the original with some new added tech.

The biggest changes in my opinion are the OLED screen in the middle of the controller that starts up with the Original Xbox boot up animation as well as the updated smaller bumber buttons on top and a usb port gone is the memory card ports on the top of the conroller. The first is something that was originally planned for the original design according to Seamus Blackley, but due to hardware limitation it was unable to come to fruition until now.

You can check it out for yourself when it launches this spring.




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